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"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right" - Henry Ford Image Quote

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right" - Henry Ford Did Henry Ford know about the Metaphysical Laws of the Universe? When Henry Fords' engineers announced that the V8 engine was an absolute engineering impossibility, he insisted that he must have a V8 engine. Whether Ford knew that his "idea" […] [more]

Zig Ziglar Quote 1 640

The problem with closed minded people is their mouth is always open - Zig Ziglar […] [more]

Cosmic Wind Chimes

Easy Relaxation using 432hz Frequency Wind Chimes Throughout the centuries, wind chimes have been widely appalled for their ability to sooth and heal the body, mind and spirit. Healing is your body’s response to relaxation; the ancient Egyptians knew this, and a trend which has now caught up with the West. Though formerly used for […] [more]

Many Faces Of Emotions

Recently a friend of mine started to un-friend certain friends on Facebook because they were not paying her enough attention. For some reason she took it personally and now she is suffering for nothing. My advice to her and anybody else who gets resentful and takes things personally is read the The Four Agreements by […] [more]

Am I A Food Addict?

Can food really be used as a feel good escape from reality like drugs, alcohol? There are many different things that a person can be addicted to, but food addiction has to be one of the toughest addictions to break. Food is necessary to survival, so you can't give it up like you can with […] [more]

Your Wish Is My Command

Can you really use the Law Of Attraction to attract abundance into your life? There has been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction in recent years. Some people claim that it's phony, New Age nonsense, while others claim that it's the key to having everything that you want. Can this Law really […] [more]

Man's Fear

How to tell the difference between mild anxiety and anxiety disorders. Everybody experiences anxiety in some form from time to time. It's only natural that a person would be anxious while being interviewed for an import job, before giving a speech, or if a disaster threatened their home. However, there are anxiety disorders that have […] [more]


The dangers of stress and what you can do to limit the effects that stress has on your body. If you are under an enormous amount of pressure either from work or school or family life at home or all of the above plus anything else you can throw into the mix then you really […] [more]

Looking Toward Heaven

There is absolutely no shame in getting help from a psychologist or counselor in order to learn some stress reduction techniques. From the moment you wake in the morning until the moment you fall asleep at night, stressful situations fill your days. Life can be very demanding, and it is extremely important to understand that […] [more]

How To Rewire The Brain Using EFT

EFT, also known as Meridian Tapping, and Thought Field Therapy, is a well known method for fast stress relief anybody can do immediately by following along with the video below. Invented by Gary Craig, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) involves using your finger tips to Tap on certain acupuncture/acupressure on your body to reduce and eliminate […] [more]